Our Educational Model

BPP’s curriculum is based on the idea that classes in the Arts encourage students to be creative, which promotes individuality, leads to higher self-esteem and contributes to healthy child development. Dance, fitness and performance-related activities, like theater, encourage confidence, which leads to perseverance, commitment and success. English as a Second Language and Computer Literacy education give children the ability to communicate their individuality and confidence at an international level, expanding their opportunities, their impact and their exposure to the world.

In every sense of the word, we Help a Child Grow.

English Classes

Learning English as a Second Language is a complex process! BPP has developed it's own curriculums that make learning fun, interactive and effective. Learn more about English as a Second Language Classes and Course Curriculums at BPP.

Elective Classes

BPP provides consistent year-round courses in Computers, Fitness, Art and Dance. Additionally, a Mentor Based Apprenticeship Program led by volunteers Gives Students Exposure to a Wide Variety of Subjects Each Semester, so our students can discover their skills and talents!

Positive Incentives

From eating out at local restaurants to weekend surf trips, we always reward good behavior and attendance.

Cultural Exchange

Through volunteerism, students learn to interact with diverse populations within a positive setting that helps them healthily integrate into the rising tourism industry.