Cultural Exchange

​Our Cultural Exchange Program brings individuals and groups of volunteers to BPP from an afternoon to a full semester. Our students benefit from exposure to diverse tourist populations that enhances their hospitality skills and exposes the students to English as a Second Language total immersion. Our Cultural Exchange Program is also one of the biggest ways we have been able to grow towards more long-term self-sustainability for our organization.

Volunteer Groups who come from a day to a week are divided up to work one-on-one with students so they can practice English through private tutoring and total immersion. Individual volunteers work with students through interactive ESL games classes and conversation classes. While grammar is essential to form a base for second language acquisition, the key to genuine comprehension and coherent pronunciation comes from direct interaction and total immersion. Through the generous help of volunteers, we are able to enhance the quality of our programming for our students.

​Additionally, through volunteerism, students learn to interact with diverse populations in a positive setting that helps them feel comfortable with the rise in tourism and learn valuable hospitality skills at an intrinsic level. Volunteers also share interests such as Gardening, Sports and Yoga with students through workshops and apprenticeship programs to enhance their exposure to a variety of subjects and help them discover their skills and talents. Our Cultural Exchange Program helps us bridge the gap between the growth of the tourism industry and the local population so together we can utilize the newly arising opportunities to focus on the ultimate goal for a bright future: to Help a Child Grow.

Interested in participating in our Cultural Exchange Program?

There are many ways to get involved. We welcome individuals and groups of all ages!