Summer Internship Program

SUMMER 2022 Internship Dates: May 16th - August 26th

BPP’s Summer Internship is an ideal program for current students of International Relations, Global Studies, Nonprofit Management, Marketing, Business Administration, Sociology, Education and more. It is also a great opportunity for recent graduates who are considering working in the nonprofit sector, but would like to learn more about it through experience first. Additionally, this is a valuable and meaningful experience for anyone who is able to dedicate 5-10 hours/week to giving back to communities in need and interested in learning more about grant-writing. This Internship is comprised of two remote BPP flagship initiatives that will enhance your global perspective, give you insight into International NGO Development and help you build essential development and communication skills. 

Part One: BPP's Ambassador Program

Program Dates: May 16th – July 8th

*Please note: Participating in this program is required for PIP eligibility (see below)

Established in 2015, this online volunteer program has become the cornerstone of our Seasonal Fundraising Campaigns. Ambassadors are instrumental in helping BPP achieve organic reach, spreading the word to personal networks about our organization and our mission. In 2021, 18% of our students had their enrollment sponsored through ambassador fundraising.

In addition to providing life-changing educational programs to children with limited resources in the developing world, ambassadors will receive detailed training and orientation, complete with customized toolkits. Toolkits include resources for effective peer-to-peer outreach, social media marketing tips, donor communication guidance and more to set ambassadors up for success. BPP Development Staff & Board Members also provide direct consultation. Learn More.

Part Two: Prospecting Internship Program (PIP)

Program Dates: June 20th – August 26th

*Only those who have successfully completed the ambassador program may participate in the PIP.

This program focuses on equipping interns with the tools they need to delve into effective prospect research. In the first half of the internship, participants will learn more about the legal, financial and operational structure of BPP and identify compatible funding initiatives. The second half of the internship will involve learning how to identify a project, build funder relationships and draft proposals.

At each weekly educational session, Topics of the Day are presented by BPP’s Strategic Planning Committee Chair which include: Visualizing the Application Process, Targeting Unique Moments, Defining a Project, Understanding the Ethical Terrain of NGO Operations, How the Environment Impacts Prospecting, Budget Considerations, and more. Learn More.

Do I qualify?

Interns who demonstrate consistent attendance at weekly meetings and active participation in the Ambassador Program will be invited to extend their commitment throughout the end of the summer through our Prospecting Internship Program.

 In order to apply, BPP requires you to have personal or professional experience or involvement in one of the following three areas:

  • Education
  • Latin America
  • Nonprofit Organizations

Additionally, you must feel passionate enough about the cause that you are willing to reach out to your personal networks to engage in peer-to-peer fundraising.

A willingness to learn is required, as well as a commitment to the weekly hourly investment of each program.

Please see the program descriptions for additional skills needed.