Teach English

Join us for a Semester and share your teaching skills with our students

BPP is looking for teachers who are qualified, committed, dedicated, outgoing and passionate with a big heart and a desire to give back. Teaching commitment is part time (approximately 25 hours per week), and teachers will be compensated with room and board (homestay and 3 meals/day) for the full four months of their stay. Teaching positions are available for each semester, from the months of February to June and July to November.

If you are interested in teaching in our upcoming semester, please contact us or send your resume to info@barrioplantaproject.org

Current Teaching Opportunities

Teach English in San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua!

​Bi-lingual English Teachers teach classes on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays and act as a Spanish speaking Language Partner to assist our volunteer mentors on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

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Teach English in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico or Escamequita, Nicaragua!

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Words from an English teacher

Here is one of our teachers has said about the program

Meaghan Bergman

Michigan, USA - English teacher 2015

"If I hadn’t become involved with Barrio Planta Project, I would not have been as immersed in the community and culture of San Juan del Sur as I am now. Teaching English here has allowed me to meet so many families in the community and the students are so open and welcoming to me as a teacher. They’re growing and learning every single second of every single day and they couldn’t be happier to do so. Everyday this place becomes more of a home - not just San Juan del Sur itself, but BPP. It becomes a part of me and I just can’t imagine losing that."